04 Dec

My next book signing event for “Boundless Blessings and God’s Grace: My Journey through Breast Cancer” is scheduled on December 12th from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm at the Sanford Gift Shop at the main campus in downtown Fargo.  I will be there in conjunction with Meg Spielman Peldo and Kim Wagner, who collaborated on the “No Lumps, Thank You” book, a nationally award winning publication.  Since I am one of the 53 people who wrote some short articles for their book, we decided to team up for this book signing event.  Just wanted to let you know in the hope that you can join us! 

A number of book stores carrying my book asked me to sign some books following my book signing event at their store, and they indicated many people look for signed books during their Christmas shopping for gifts.  Watch for a sticker that says, “Author Signed” on the front of my book.  

Many have wondered if the book is difficult to read because it is written from my perspective as a patient, but the feedback from most is that it is uplifting and hard to put down once they start to read it  – that makes me feel wonderful about the decision to share my story quite literally around the world! If you don’t live in Fargo, Grand Forks, Devils Lake, or Cando, ND or Moorhead, MN, you can always order the book online through Westbow Press, Barnes and Noble or Amazon, or any other bookseller worldwide!  Keep my book in mind as you complete your shopping lists! 

A person never knows what their life will hold, so I feel honored and humbled that my writing has helped so many people through a very challenging health situation or because they want to know more about what someone is thinking as they fight for their lives over an extended period of time. Whether we are the patient, a family member, or a friend, maintaining a positive attitude and focusing on the future is critically important.  God does grant miracles each and every day.  And although I am simply grateful to be here to write this blog, I know that he is working in his own way in my life, so that my words can impact those when they need it most!

Stay happy and healthy, always and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

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Written by Cynthia J. Eggl

Cynthia J. Eggl is the author of "Boundless Blessings and God's Grace - My Journey through Breast Cancer."

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